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5 Benefits of Organic Hair Care

There’s been a lot of buzz lately regarding just how harmful various ingredients can be for our health, and they’ve been lurking on almost every shampoo and conditioner label. The same goes for many foods and other goods we use every day, from our cleaning supplies all the way to our makeup kit, but there are many ways we can detox our beauty cabinets from these nasties and protect our wellbeing.

Let’s take a look at how switching to organic hair care can help your lovely locks leap right back to life and restore their shine and silky-smooth touch in no time!

Gentle on your scalp

funSo many people pick their hair care items based solely on what it does to their mane, but another crucial fact to consider is how it can be used to nurture your scalp. Your skin doesn’t appreciate chemical buildup that is such a common issue when using regular shampoos brimming with ingredients such as sulfates or artificial fragrances.

On the other hand, all-natural, organic products aim to use only scalp-soothing goodies that do not cause your skin any harm, but help your hair grow stronger and faster. No more flaky, itchy, irritated skin with dandruff, or hair-loss caused by too much stress from chemicals.

Incredibly easy to make

If you’re a fan of those wonderful home-made restorative masks and conditioners, then you’ll love the fact that you can still keep up with your DIY routine with many healing organic recipes that are very beneficial for your hair.

For instance, in case you have dry hair, or you simply want to replenish its natural oils after a long vacation somewhere on a sunny beach, then you can apply this avocado-based organic mask and restore your hair’s natural glow. All you need is some organic coconut milk, an avocado, a banana, some honey, and some apple cider vinegar for extra shine – the Ylang Ylang oil is optional, but it sure gives it an amazing fragrance!

Safe and nourishing

beautifulNo matter what your hair needs may be, organic products have you covered! They target a wide range of issues, so you can find organic hair growth shampoo to inspire your mane to blossom, repair-focused products to fix styling damage, or those dandruff-killers that will let your scalp breathe.

The main kicker is that they are all based on natural ingredients that nourish both your scalp and your hair, such as coconut, castor and argan oil, which are loved for their power to protect and restore your wonderful strands. This makes them safe even for sensitive skin types that require an extra level of care, and you can rest assured that essential oils give them an even more divine scent than artificial fragrances.


Organically-sourced ingredients are pure bliss for hair of any kind, as they will not allow your skin and hair to be overburdened with various chemicals and toxins which can cause long-term damage. You may not be able to feel them immediately, but with prolonged use of shampoos and conditioners that are packed with sulfates, parabens, silicones and similar confusing elements, your locks will become weaker in time.

Plus, when you use them on a regular basis, your scalp allows most of those harmful ingredients to be absorbed, which means that they could potentially have a negative impact on your hormonal balance or cause various allergies. Instead, choosing organic means a much gentler, safer approach that can lead to the same, if not even better results than their chemical-filled counterparts.


girlEven though organic hair care is becoming widely available worldwide, the majority of products still come predominantly from smaller, local companies, often run and owned by families that also use local suppliers and produce locally. All of that means that their carbon footprint is significantly lower, and the fact that they don’t use of pesticides only adds to the list of their Earth-friendly perks.

No harmful chemical ingredients on the label also means that these companies are not contributing to toxic waste our planet already has to deal with. Plus, many of them aim to have an all-around healthy approach by avoiding animal testing, and they tend to use green packaging as well.


All in all, with the increasing availability of organic hair care products and your own kitchen supplies becoming your go-to healing tools, there’s no reason to put off the change and help your hair heal!

Brigitte Evans

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