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Behind The Blade – Meet Barber Lawrence Wyman of Washington D.C.

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Lawrence Wyman is coming straight from your Twitter timeline to in real life. Known for his precision and methodical nature, he is that barber who, despite institutionalized racism, studied to be an architect. His lineups are just as precise as his sketches. Anyone who sits in his chair in the famous Wanda’s on 7th Salon in Washington, DC is in good hands.

But Lawrence is used to defying expectations. Originally from Maryland, he’s a self-proclaimed rebel and it’s apparent in all his contradictions. In addition to his academic pursuits including studying both at Howard University and University of Illinois, he also spent some of undergrad at Howard as one of the campus’s most famous models. At Howard, fashion shows are legendary and Lawrence was almost a permanent fixture on some of the school’s most memorable runways. Oftentimes, if he wasn’t walking in the show, then he was cutting hair backstage as the show’s barber.

Growing up in a sheltered environment helped Lawrence build a strong foundation not only in his faith but in himself. He’s believed since childhood anything is possible, and lived his life according to that mantra.  Now he is focused on his future. His dedication to his other craft, architecture, has paid off as he is about to attend graduate school to pursue his masters degree. He is lucky enough to be debating between heading to England or New York as his next destination. Making him also close to completing a dream he first thought of years ago: leaving the country. Lawrence’s dreams extend far beyond a chair at Wanda’s on 7th and we can’t wait to see this barber achieve his goals!

How would you describe your childhood?

My childhood was definitely sheltered in some aspects, but what I took away from it was my parents taught me to dream big. Make a plan a for those dreams so no matter how big they are you can make them happen. They taught me that your thoughts form your habits and shape who you are. The most important thing of all is to love God and love the people close to you and even the ones who aren’t close to you.

How many people have sat in your chair?

I don’t even know! On a good day, if I say that [number] somebody will probably rob me. I’ve had as low as zero and as many as 22. I average maybe 12-15. I’ve cut countless heads. I couldn’t even tell you a total.

To know someone is trusting me to bring out the best versions of themselves. I really take pride in that. I think that right now the service is what mostly keeps me in the barbershop. I know that sometimes, especially in the industry and pretty much in every industry, it’s hard for people to separate the service from the ego.  I also love that I get to meet new people everyday.

Weapon of Choice

Clippers. Definitely the Andis T Outliners. I make sure I cut the back off. I just feel like Michangelo with those. I just be cutting away.


Besides the people I love, the everyday people who just make their dreams come true. That’s essentially who we all are.

Hip Hop Rab or RnB

For sure, hip hop. I like compositions. For instance, I think the Migos are extrememly musically inclined and that’s not the easiest thing to be. They make compositions just like Hans Zimmer. Hans Zimmer is one of my favorite composers. He makes a lot of movie soundtracks. They’re both naturally musically inclined. Someone is gonna be upset with me putting them in the same category, but I don’t care. Hip Hop is timeless.


This questions just sounds like “ who are you”. To me,  it means live hard, love hard. With that same passion, love God and love people. Do your best to change lives. Make the impossible possible and do it in a nice suit and a smile. That’s my culture.

2017 Trends

It may be old but I think a good pair of Chelsea boots and some distressed denim. You’ll never go wrong with that. If you can pull that off you’ll automatically look like you know what you’re doing. Not everybody can pull off Chelsea boots. Make sure the denim is tapered! It’s got to be tapered.


In short, it’s like conversation, conversation. Then the actual cut and I just add the finishing details. Always double check and then ask them if I missed something. Then you just got to exchange energy, exchange the money and then we out.

Taper Moment

The last year has been the toughest year of my life. It was just a bunch of things and I really learned what it means to have faith and how to apply it. The situations I went through in the last year put me on the path to becoming the man and leader I’m supposed to be. It’s made me strong. Now is the time for me to help someone reach their dreams and potential. Sometimes when you just stick it out, you can make your dreams come true as difficult as it may be.

Book him today on the Taper App – username LawrenceWyman and check out his work at @lawrenceszn on Instagram and the next time you’re in DC, head to Wanda’s to watch him work his magic.

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