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The Best Beauty and Hair Trends for Fall 2017

If you want to know all the trends for fall of 2017, you only need to turn to the runways. Some designers went with a natural, effortless and simple look, while others went all-in with vivid colors and bold, over-the-top makeup and hair. But, some things a lot of them had in common, and those elements will emerge as 2017 fall trends. Let’s take a look at some beauty and hair trends you can anticipate this fall.

Big lashes

This year’s runway was all about lashes and big, expressive eyes. If your eyes look a bit tired now that the summer’s over, put some full, false lashes on your top lash line to make your eyes look larger, fresh and more awake. This look can seem a little overdone if paired with a bold color palette, so try to keep the rest of your makeup light and neutral for a modern but not over-the-top look.

Mauve it over

If you want a seamless transition from sunny summer days to gray and rainy days of fall, then choose mauve. This color is more dramatic than any warm color, but it doesn’t have those dark and deep late-fall tones. It also looks good on every skin tones, so you can wear it everywhere, from your lips to your cheeks and eyes. You can even try putting it on all at once, for a dramatic yet chic effect.

Eat healthy fall foods

green apple
If you put on a few kilos during your vacation drinking all those cocktails and eating too much ice cream, it’s time to shed them before the winter comes with even more delicious holiday food. Luckily, fall offers an abundance of fresh and delicious foods that will get you back to your ideal summer weight in no time. You can find many delicious recipes with fresh fall ingredients, so get cooking.

Go body sculpting

If you’re not a big gym and diet person, you can try something much easier and more effective such as body sculpting. This non-surgical treatment uses cold to freeze and destroy fat cells underneath your skin. It’s almost completely painless (you just feel the cold) and you can return to normal activities immediately. It works especially well on love handles, stomach, waist, outer and inner thighs and upper arm, but it can be used on other specific areas. So, this fall, swap your gym time for a few body sculpting sessions to achieve your dream body.

Natural hair

natural hair
The best and trendiest look is often the one nature gave you, so many models this year went au naturel when it comes to hair. Go with big bold coils and long layers that will give you those full ends that Solange likes so much. This look goes so well with natural or nude makeup many designers opt for.

Super short and sexy buzz cut

Amber Rose, Amandla Stenberg, Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart all recognized just how big buzz cuts will be in 2017. If you’re tired of your long hair and want to completely change your look, now you have the chance to do something wild and bold. We dare you!

Barely blonde

If you want your hair to nicely transition from hot summer into colder fall, try caramel highlights. They will add instant warmth to your look making it perfect for the fall. You can go a bit more extreme with a warm blonde color that’s just perfect for medium skin tones.

As this year’s runways were all about diversity of styles, looks, and colors, so don’t be scared to experiment and try your own combinations, or simply embrace your natural look. Think outside the box and you’ll look like a million bucks this fall.

Brigitte Evans


  • […] Every beauty goddess knows that cleanliness is a priority, so if you have a busy morning, wash your hair in the evening to save precious time, and never forget to condition. Stick with the same brand that works for you, because switching products often can only confuse the hair. Always mind your diet as it affects the state of your hair more than you know. Stick to foods rich in iron, zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, and protein because they foster healthy growth. Finally, avoid heat as much as possible. There are tons of no-heat super-chic hairstyles you can pull off so ditch the curling iron. […]

  • I like how you mentioned that a warm blonde color would help add some summer feel to one’s look which made it perfect for the fall season. That is great to learn as I’m thinking about changing the color of my hair to something that would fit the season better. Personally, I do believe that a warm blonde color should still be able to do the trick and provide me with the new look I am looking for. Hopefully, I could get myself a salon that would be able to provide the perfect hint that I am looking for. Thanks!


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