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A Preparation Guide for Your Perfect New Year’s Date

If you’ve decided to celebrate the New Year’s Eve on a date with a potential soulmate, you should be the most beautiful girl in the room. However, leaving everything for the last moment will make you feel stressed out and you might even have to speed up your preparation process. Thus, you should take some time to think of your perfect look and start planning for your New Year’s date.

Beauty plan

Feeling great in your body will give you an aura of confidence that will completely enchant your date. Thus, you should start your preparation by coming up with a great beauty plan that will help you mesmerize your partner.


winterA few weeks before the New Year’s date, you should detox your body and switch to a healthier diet. Not only will this help you avoid feeling bloated or sluggish, but you’ll also look fresher and more energised on your date. On the big day, you should indulge yourself and have a relaxing bath.


As the New Year’s Eve approaches, days are getting colder and colder, which can cause your skin to become dry. Since treating chapped lips, dry hands and dry skin can take some time, you should moisturise your skin regularly even weeks before your date. The day before, you should exfoliate and apply a gentle face mask to give your skin a natural glow.


hairIf you’ve been thinking about having a new hairstyle for the big date, you should try it out several days beforehand to see how it looks. This will give you enough time to think about other ideas just in case.
The night before the date, make sure to sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent hair damage. Furthermore, you should boost the volume of your by applying dry shampoo to the ends and leaving it for a few seconds before rubbing into the roots.


makeupWhen it comes to makeup for your date, you shouldn’t go with a too dramatic look. You can apply a concealer to hide any imperfections, foundation and a bit of contour. Instead of emphasising your lips with a bold lipstick or gloss (there will be a romantic kiss, remember?), you should accentuate your eyes. Apart from shaping your eyebrows, you can apply a stunning eyeliner and super black mascara. You can also add false eyelashes if you want to place even more emphasis on your eyes. Remember, you should go with a look that reflects your personality. Only then will you attain perfection.

Date ideas

wineIf this is your first date, planning a few things in advance will help you relieve the tension. You can come up with some activities and think of traditions that you can start together this year. For example, you can both come up with sexy resolutions for your relationship or create a date bucket list. You can also write each other letters that you can open at midnight. You can also write down your plans on how to be a good girlfriend in the year 2018 and he can make a list of his own. You can also choose a song to which you’ll kiss and dance at midnight.
If you’re celebrating New Year’s at either your or his home, you should prepare drinks and dinner in advance. You can make smaller bites and appetizers – overeating is never sexy. As for the drinks, you can pop a bottle of champagne at midnight, while making some cocktails for the rest of the night.

A perfect outfit

outfitWhen choosing your New Year’s date outfit, you should opt for pieces of clothing in which you’ll feel both sexy and comfortable. You don’t want to spend your entire date stiff because your dress looks stunning but it’s not the most comfortable piece there is. The style of your outfit should fit your personality, as well as the type of date you’re going on. For example, if you’re going to celebrate the evening somewhere outside, you should make sure to wear something warm. If you’re going dancing, high heels may not be such a great idea, especially if you don’t wear them often. However, whether you’re going to a romantic restaurant, classy nightclub or celebrating New Year’s at home, a little black dress is always the right choice.

By coming up with a beauty plan and having some activities prepared in advance, you’ll make sure that the year 2018 starts with the perfect date.


Brigitte Evans

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