Forever Young Skincare and Haircare Tips

Not that you need any additional touch-ups with that wonderful skin, thick hair and glowing appearance, but keeping yourself in check (for you, not anybody else) is the biggest challenge there is. Really, do you ever get as excited for anything as you do when you look at yourself in the mirror and see a gorgeous, nurtured, successful woman looking back at you, winking at the future that’s just amazing? Ah, we know the feeling, which is why we’re looking to do everything in our power to stay focused on nurturing our mind, body and face and motivate sisters around the world to do the same! The more we care about ourselves, our health and wellbeing, the better life we lead. With that in mind, let’s talk a little bit about skincare and hair tips that will keep you looking fresh, glowing and inspired!

Do regular exfoliating

beatifulBeing the largest organ of our body, the skin is susceptible to a number of problematic reactions, irritation, redness, blemishes, acne, stretching and is exposed to dirt and other outer elements 24/7. A very important segment of keeping your skin (i.e. your face primarily) clear is to thoroughly scrub it in order to remove the dirt and any harmful elements with potentially long-term consequences. While a number of scrubs/exfoliates you get to buy in cosmetic stores or pharmacies are actually pretty good, we still love the DIY option with baking soda and milk. All you need is a tablespoon of baking soda combined with just enough milk to make a paste. Once the paste is solid, rub it onto your face in circular motions. Leave it for no longer than 10 minutes, then rinse (no soap is necessary). Let the face calm down (it’ll probably be a little red), then apply your regular crème. Exfoliate three times a week.

Stay sun-safe

sun protectSun protection is essential for everyone, not just those who are sun-exposed for extended times. The problem is, with so many sunscreen brands out there, who can know what’s safe and what isn’t! It is our warm recommendation to carefully read the labels before purchasing your next package and always go for non toxic sunscreen, no excuse. As our skin is constantly exposed to UV radiation (yes, even during winter!), you want to do everything in your power to reduce that (negative) exposure and protect it as much as possible. Do remember that you’ll see a sunburn immediately but damage from the sun gradually accumulates over your lifetime.

Go a few years back

funCher knows it, we know it – we can’t really turn back time but we can try and take the best of what we’ve got. Nurture your skin by treating it to natural masks and remedies like turmeric masks that show immediate results! The best mask to try is this: mix 1 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of turmeric powder; add a little milk to create a paste. Use it on a daily basis on your face and body to improve circulation, boost collagen and give your skin a healthy, youthful glow.

Put some lemon in it

Lemon water! Whenever, wherever – your body will love it. We are huge fans of pre-breakfast warm water+lemon combo or the same recipe before bed. It clears out the skin, helps detoxify, removes toxins and improves digestion. What more is there?

Dip it in coconut

hairRecently, we’ve been hearing “coconut” a lot, as it’s made its way into cooking delicacies, homemade beauty products, cosmetics, interior design (both furniture and scents), hair, etc. so no wonder we get to use it as one of the main hair ingredients to make it healthy, thick and shiny, and help it grow faster. Although you may have been using it to mend your split-ends till now, coconut has actually been proven perfect for hair growth enhancement, the prevention of seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff and hair volume increase. Rub coconut oil into your roots, let it sit for a few hours before you rinse and voila – done!

Although surgical procedures pride themselves on giving your face a look that makes you appear several years younger, a wise eye will know your age. So, we say – embrace it, nurture it and make it work to your advantage!

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