10 Ways to Look 5 Years Younger

While ageing is definitely something that we should celebrate and enjoy, seeing wrinkles on our face can sometimes diminish our confidence and makes us worried. As soon as stress comes into the mix, things get tough, and our years no longer seem quite as graceful as we’d like them to be. Luckily, there are ways to look and feel younger, and all they require are some consistency and mindfulness. For a few great tips on shaving off years from your face and body, read on.

Change your attitude


Unsurprisingly, just like any part of your life, the way you age is also affected by your attitude. Instead of dreading it, you have to realize that growing old is actually kind of cool. You know more things than you did before, and while your features will change, the idea that this change is bad is generally in your head. Embrace your years, because that hunger for life is what keeps you youthful, not your age.

Start exercising

There’s no faster way to enjoy vitality and strength than physical activity, and toning your body can definitely help you look younger. Exercises such as yoga can be beneficial for your mind and spirit both, and you can also try dancing classes, martial arts, cycling, or simply working out at home or the gym.

Eat more omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for a healthy body, particularly our cardiovascular health. However, they’re also pretty useful at keeping our skin soft, supple, and helping it smooth our soft wrinkles and prevent new ones. Stock up on fish, particularly salmon and sardines, and eat more walnuts, soybeans, and chia seed.

Take care of your teeth


Yellow, crooked teeth are usually associated with old age, and having a brilliant set of pearly whites is definitely something you should aim at if you want to look younger. Since Australia is one of the countries with the best oral health, take a tip from them and learn how to have a good dental routine: daily brushing, flossing, and a low-sugar diet coupled with regular dental visits. Dental procedures are also quite popular, a lot of Australians go to Melbourne to get porcelain veneers as they are a simple way to get your confidence back if your teeth are yellow, worn down, and don’t sit straight. From teeth polishing to braces, fixing your issues and maintaining good oral hygiene will make you feel incredibly confident, especially when you smile.

Wear lipstick

Especially nice, bright colors that will bring more vibrancy to your face. Bold colors that you wear with confidence make you look like a powerful person who knows exactly what they want in life, and if you pair this with long lashes and a soft eye makeup, you’ll look seductive and gorgeous.

Use concealer

Dark circles under our eyes will make even a teenager look old. While getting more sleep is certainly a way to deal with them, for some of us the darkness is simply genetic. Luckily, it’s nothing a good concealer won’t solve, so use something like the cult favorite Tarte Shape Tape or Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer to cover them up and give some brightness to your face.

Never skip your daily skincare

Skincare should be adjusted to your specific skin type, and while the kind of products you use is definitely important, what matters, even more, is how often you use them. Getting lazy and not following your routine is ill-advised, and bear in mind that even the most effective serums and moisturizers can’t do their job if you don’t use them regularly.

Modernize your style


Frumpy, shapeless clothes are a road to looking not only old but like someone who doesn’t take care of themselves. Having a few staple pieces, such as the perfect pair of jeans, some wrap dresses, blouses in bright gem tones, and pencil skirts can help your style look more fresh, so make sure to bring fun patterns and vivid colors into your wardrobe.

Get a new haircut

Perhaps you could dye your hair a new color, or even better, get highlights. Of course, hair care comes before all else, so use masks, oils, and heat protectant sprays regularly to keep it soft and nourished. A new haircut is also encouraged, especially if you’ve had the same style for ages. It will make you feel fresh.

Avoid bad habits

We’re talking mostly about smoking and drinking, but we’d also like to encourage more frequent sunscreen use. Sun damage is the number one factor in premature aging, and applying your SPF every day is incredibly important if you want to ward off wrinkles (not to mention cancer). If you quit bad habits, you’ll see significant improvement after a short while.

Finally, our last tip is to simply laugh more. Let go of stress, enjoy your life, and you’ll see how smiling can light you up from the inside and make you look young and bright.

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