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How to Preserve your Health If You Are a Hairdresser

Most of the trouble certain jobs require goes unnoticed by the rest of us, especially those that involve any work in the beauty industry. Have you ever wondered how much strain it takes to flawlessly crop, comb, dry, and style someone’s perky locks, or fashion a tight, asymmetrical hair ensemble atop of a person’s head without letting it lose its form or fluff for hours on end? Well, the same eight hours you, many others, and I experience at work can be quite painful for your favorite hairdresser.

If you are a health-oriented hair stylist, and proud to be one, you can rely on the following advice to help reduce and heal some of those typical work-related health issues. After all, even if you still haven’t had your fair share of pain, these might help you detect early signs of trouble and stop it in its tracks!

Read your labels carefully

One major health hazard that might not be that obvious to the untrained eye is exposure to practically limitless amounts of toxins and chemicals from the products your salon uses. Thankfully, with more brands going greener and a greater number of people becoming aware of the issue, you can now find alternative and high-end products of equal if not superior quality without the health risk of your traditional bottles.

Before you move on to the next work day as usual, take some time to inspect all of your labels, as well as their impact on your health. You can then proceed to discuss other options with your supplier, and check if your clients have their own healthy preferences – you’d be surprised how many people are switching to natural hair dye such as Saach Organics, toxin-free shampoos, and all-natural conditioners.

Infuse your life with targeted exercise


We understand that clients come first, and that you’ll do your best to squeeze that last wash and trim into your schedule, but if you wish to build a long-lasting career in this profession, you’ll need to address other priorities, and pronto. Your posture and the health of your muscles and bones depend on how much healthy exercise and stretching you provide them with every day.

Yes, you can absolutely free up a few minutes to exercise every now and then between two perms, or yet another undercut. YouTube is chock-full of useful videos to guide you through those simple stretches, more complex yoga positions, as well as a range of posture-fixing workouts to help you stay healthy.

Get those regular checkups


Much like you’d never miss your date with the dentist to keep those pearly whites aglow, make sure that you regularly visit your physician who can determine if your lifestyle, your profession included, is affecting your wellbeing in any way. It may seem redundant when you feel perfectly fine, but once the damage accumulates, little can be done to prevent a galloping issue with chronic neck pain, spinal cord compression, or similar equally scary and painful health complications.

If such a thing does happen, as unfortunate as it may be, head straight to a professional such as Dr Timothy Steel who specializes in the area of neurosurgery and can help diagnose and provide the optimal solution to your specific situation. A seemingly small issue can quickly escalate, so make sure you listen to your body and rely on medical pros to help you find the best course of action – although we hope that regular exercise and stretching will help prevent the issue altogether.

Take regular breaks


Yes, no matter how busy your salon may get during the holiday season, and how much a particular customer craves a deep conditioning treatment last-minute, you should always consider your own health needs first. If you do, you’ll allow yourself to stay such an immaculate stylist for years to come, while adding more appointments to non-existent time slots in your schedule can only add more strain on your already pained neck.

“Take five” should be your in-salon mantra, when you truly spend five minutes after every appointment to stretch, have your cup of water and a healthy snack, and give your spine some rest.

Book that vacation in time

Finally, those brief breaks can only do so much when it comes to your long-term wellbeing, hence the need to take a longer vacation on a regular basis. That also means restraining from overly complex hair styling ideas for your own pretty head, so that your hands and neck can truly have a moment to recuperate properly.

As unappealing as it might be, stick to your stretching routine during your vacation time, book a professional massage, and give yourself the very same level of pampering your provide your clients!

Brigitte Evans


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