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Aiming for Perfection

The idea of perfection is something we see in media very often. Look at a TV show’s idea of reality and you’d think the world is full of beautiful, flawless people at every turn. How can an average woman feel pretty, when it would appear only supermodels get the guy, have good jobs, and feel appreciated and loved by the world? How do we achieve this ultimate ideal? How do we become this pristine, quintessential woman that can finally fit in? Simple – we don’t. Aiming for perfection isn’t about achieving the unachievable ideals of beauty, it’s about being the most perfect version of ourselves. Want to look better? Great! You can do that, and you don’t need expensive surgery, nor do you need to change your entire personality to fit in. Self-care and beauty tips help, and here we offer you some handy advice to make the best of what you’ve got.

Use makeup the right way

If you use makeup to hide and mask all your features, chances are that you aren’t getting all that you can from it. Makeup is so very fun, and the best way to utilize it is to actually play around a bit. Think of your face as the canvas for the artwork you can make by simply letting yourself be creative. Start small – learn how to apply foundation with a beauty blender or a brush, and then learn how to fill in your brows and apply blush and bronzer. Subtle things, like applying a nude brown shade in the crease of your eyelid can actually give your eyes depth and make them look more beautiful. If you realize that you enjoy using makeup, then practice and build your skill and create your own glamorous or everyday looks. If you realize that you don’t like makeup, then don’t use it, or use it in minimal amounts. Nothing is obligatory and both your bare face and a face that’s fully painted are absolutely beautiful.

Smile at the world

Feeling good has to come from within. Your happiness is the thing that will shine through and make you glow, and your smile is the thing that will charm people and draw them in. Keep your lips soft and smooth by drinking plenty of water, using a lip scrub once a week, and applying lip balm daily. Keep your teeth healthy by brushing and flossing regularly, and visiting your dentist when required. If you don’t like your own crooked teeth, don’t worry. A quick way to perfect teeth are dental veneers, thin coverings made of porcelain that can give you a set of gorgeous pearly whites. Keep showing off your smile and people will love your positive energy.

Take good care of your skin regardless of age

Your skin type and your age will determine what kind of products you need to be using. Use a moisturizer with retinol and a vitamin C serum to prevent wrinkles in aging skin, or if you’re dealing with acne find a water-based cream and a good cleanser that will soothe inflammation and help your skin stay clear. Of course, all skin types will need SPF protection, so never forget to leave the house without applying sunscreen.  

Find the perfect cut for your face shape

You wouldn’t believe what kind of a difference can a good hair cut make on a person’s face. Layered haircuts work great for people with round faces, and a good pixie cut can look very beautiful on ladies with small features. If you have a high forehead, bangs are going to be easy for you to pull off, and for a voluminous lob is something that actually suits most face shapes. Find the right cut for you and keep your hair soft and silky by using hair packs and conditioners regularly, and you’ll always look beautiful no matter what.

The world of beauty can be quite vicious if we measure ourselves against crazy standards. But try this wild idea – start loving yourself instead of feeling miserable that you don’t look a certain way. Once you get there, you’ll realize you’re a lot lovelier than you think you are.

Brigitte Evans



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