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Summer Hydration Beauty Tips

‘Tis the season to be breezy, ladies, and with so many sunny days ahead, there’s so much to think about when it comes to bringing out the best and the brightest of your wardrobe and your beauty kit. However, summertime comes with its own set of conundrums, from constant sweating, all the way to our bad hair day numbers through the roof (humidity is a killer) – and it’s time to solve them beforehand to keep your sunny spirit undisturbed.

Details that matter



It makes perfect sense that your fading color is driving you nuts and that potential frequent haircuts due to ponytail damage are on the horizon, but there are a few worthy beauty bits that deserve your special attention during these sultry days. We’re talking about your juicy lips and your lovely nails!

In order to prevent chipping, roughness, and dryness in both, you should keep a close eye on how they behave in this weather. Of course, a dab of coconut oil or a similar nourishing substance can do wonders for both so you can keep them handy for your beachy basking sessions. Then again, make sure you have a hand cream with SPF and a lip balm for added nourishment and UV safety.

Scrub the dull away

A common summer dilemma is whether or not to exfoliate during the warmer months, and Dr. Kally Papantoniou, an NYC dermatologist, explains that for those who don’t spend most of their days outside, it’s safe to continue with a weekly scrub. However, if you do spend plenty of time in the sun, especially if you’re active, then too much exfoliation could do more harm than good.

So, do factor in your lifestyle before you religiously choose to stress your skin during summer. If you do need your regular scrubs, then by all means, opt for a softer, gentler version such as applying honey onto your face and then letting it sit for 10 minutes before washing it away. An occasional scrub helps your skin soak in the goodness that you’ll introduce with your skincare.

Give your complexion a boost



Since your face gets the most sun exposure and gets constantly battered by the elements (yes, harsh, hot winds can do their damage, too), consider revamping your skincare essentials in order to put a stronger focus on light, but powerful hydration. This means that you can look for less heavy options to replace your winter body butters and your rich facial creams.

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a facial cream or gel that works both as a moisturizer and your daily sunscreen as the key part of your moisturizing skincare routine, giving your skin the perfect nourishment boost as soon as you wake up. Keep your moisturizer close at all times, because you’ll never know if you’ll need to reapply during the day, especially if you have a busy schedule and little time to pamper.

Keep your scalp happy



If you worry about your hair, ladies, then you should also care for your scalp! After all, how thick, voluptuous, and healthy your locks will grow will all depend on how healthy your scalp is. In case you’ll spend plenty of time in the sun, don’t forget to sun-proof your scalp with an SPF mist, because those sunburns are very tricky to heal.

An occasional revitalizing hair and scalp mask with organic coconut oil and similar nourishing ingredients can help your strands stay hydrated throughout summer. You can make them at home, they can contain just one ingredient, and they can still offer the perfect refreshment for your dried mane.

Protect your pores from within

Whether we like it or not, what we eat and drink also affects our skin health. While it may be tempting to sip on those rainbow beach cocktails, it’s best to limit your alcohol and sugar intake, because both of these ingredients dehydrate your body – and opt for fresh water instead. Of course, a single glass won’t hurt but stick to H2O as your main source of hydration.

As for your diet and other factors, summer is ideal for introducing healthy munchies in the form of fresh fruit and veggies, because they abound during this time of year. From watermelon, all the way to cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce kick up your plant intake to keep your body hydrated, and your skin will simply bloom with radiance!

Brigitte Evans


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