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5 Date Night Prep Tips

There is a heated debate going on since the beginning of dating culture. Which is harder: finding the perfect date or getting ready for the date? Well, finding someone to take you out on a date isn’t always easy, but never forget that you can be your own date and take yourself out for a great night! Whichever way you decide to spend the evening, let’s talk about getting ready for the big night.


Give yourself plenty of time



There’s nothing worse than rushing when getting ready. Try to give yourself all the time you need to take a relaxing bath, choose your outfit (and change about twelve times) and put on any makeup you want to. You don’t want to be sitting all dolled up on your bed waiting for the time to come, but you can delegate your time so that you don’t have to rush and leave the house with only one false lash on. On the other hand, if you know well that you don’t have the luxury of time because, for example, you only have half an hour after you get back from work and you can’t move the date because you’re going for a play, then you should plan ahead and prepare everything so it’s waiting for you to just put it on. The key here is not to stress. It’s not a life-or-death situation and nobody will mind if you are a few minutes late – but don’t leave them waiting too long, because that’s just rude.


Be comfortable



The one thing you don’t want is to be uncomfortable while you’re on a date. And yet far too often we squeeze ourselves into way too small spanx and dresses and uncomfortable shoes with sky-high heels. If you are feeling uncomfortable, your date will most definitely notice – and they probably won’t think it’s because of the clothes! There’s nothing wrong with wearing tight clothes or high heels or absolutely any outfit, as long as you are comfortable in it. There are so many amazing cocktail dresses online that are both stunning and comfortable. The same goes for shoes, accessories, and makeup.


Be yourself


If you feel like you have to pretend to be something or someone you’re not on this date, then that’s a date you shouldn’t go on. Even if you can pull off behaving in ways you normally wouldn’t, it’s not something that you can (or should!) keep up with. Your date should be someone whom you feel comfortable being yourself around. You should feel free to talk about the things you like, dress to express your personal style and just be the truest version of yourself.


Think about what you want to show



Not every date is the same, and especially in the early stages of dating, you might want to show off different sides of yourself. For example, if you two met at the gym while you were in baggy shorts and a top three sizes too big, then now you might want to dress it up a bit and flaunt what you have. If you want to let someone know that you feel comfortable around them, then tone down the makeup, or if you want to let them know that you have a fun, eccentric side, then go crazy and do something with your looks that they wouldn’t expect.


Pack an emergency kit


You don’t want to bring too big of a bag on your date, but there are a few things you definitely want to have on-hand. First, let’s take a look at the emergency makeup: a small powder puff, concealer, lipstick of choice and a mini eyeshadow kit just in case. Next, if it’s around that time of the month, put a tampon in your bag because you never know when it can sneak up on you, and have some wet wipes with you as well. Your phone, cash and breath mints are great additions and if you are left with any space in the bag, you can also add a small perfume, portable charger, small bottle of water or an extremely flexible pair of flats for dancing.

Remember, your only job when you go out on a date is to have a good time and try to help the other person have a good time as well. There are so many different options for dates that you will certainly end up doing something fun, and if you both feel like you’d rather be doing something else: go do it! There’s no rule that says that just because you agreed on a dinner date, you have to spend your entire night there.

Brigitte Evans

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