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Small Tricks to Be Happier with Your Looks

There’s literally nothing wrong with wanting to attract other people with your looks and boost your self-confidence this way. What is wrong is letting yourself down by constantly comparing the way you look with social media divas, supermodels and TV show characters. What is unacceptable is feeling bad about the things you can easily change.

First of all, laugh off a thing instead of letting it get under your skin. Stress causes wrinkles; wrinkles cause skin aging; skin aging lowers our self-confidence. Take some pressure off yourself, relax and take a more positive perspective of everything, including your looks, irregularities and imperfections we are all blessed and cursed with. Once you teach yourself to feel good about yourself, it will show and others will take notice of your self-acceptance, confidence and attractiveness as well.

Teeth whitening 

Most people find the smile to be the most attractive attribute they look for in their partners. Smiling makes people look healthier and more attractive than the perfect weight or even being dressed up and wearing makeup. In order to optimize your smile, naturally you need to take care of your teeth. Besides regular hygiene, including visits to the dentist and daily flossing, there are various other techniques to achieve that stunningly bright smile. You can either opt for one of the many natural ingredients, such as charcoal or tea tree drops. Or you can undergo some of the many safe and effective teeth whitening treatments. Always look and feel fresh, young and glowing with a wide bright smile.


The ultimate makeup trick of the twenty-first century is contouring. Nowadays anyone can become a master makeup artist overnight, and so could you. Invest a couple of evenings in watching tutorials and experimenting with your foundation, highlighters and concealer and voilà! Soon you’ll be able to reshape your face irregularities with only a couple of brush strokes. This face sculpting technique leaves nothing to chance. It makes sure you look perfect both in the photos and in real life. It’s popularly called the Kardashian effect, since they are the ones who turned what used to be makeup for photo shoots only into an everyday facial must-have.

An extra shot of beauty

There is no shame in looking for some extra beauty support in cosmetic medicine. We are aware of the reality of skin aging and, regardless of our great genes or healthy lifestyles, we must accept the unavoidable curse of aging that will come for us sooner or later. However, we can also embrace the magic of modern technology, medicine and cosmetics, and get wonderful cheek fillers in Perth for a fresh and long-lasting youthful look. Age is nothing but a number indeed.

Have sex

The pheromones released during and after sex can automatically draw people to you. They make you look more attractive and confident, and this is where the “post-sex glowing look” comes from.  This does not mean you should practice meaningless sex just for the sake of good looks, of course. However, besides enjoying the fun and the intimacy of sexual intercourse, there are additional reasons for engaging in this activity. It’s an easy and healthy way to boost your self-image, therefore try to abstain as much as possible from sexual abstinence.  

Give yourself a pep talk

It may sound stupid, self-pitying and useless, but we all need some self-love from time to time. Reminding yourself on a daily basis of things that matter and those that don’t will indubitably make a positive effect on how you feel about yourself. Just take a moment and look into the mirror, focusing on the things you love about yourself, the imperfections that make you unique, and the flaws you are able to change. Keep your chin up both physically and mentally, and this will reflect both on your happiness and looks.  

Among the great number of things you can do in order to be happier with your looks, above we listed those that prove to be the most effective ones. Stop torturing yourself with thinking about what you don’t or couldn’t have, and start approaching things from a different perspective. You’re already beautiful, and the good news is that you can be even more beautiful – so take note of these tricks and nurture your gorgeous self.

Brigitte Evans


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