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5 Sneaky Ways to Look Better at the Beach

We all know that terms like “bikini body” and “beach-ready” are a thing of the past. Nobody cares anymore what kind of body you have when you hit the beach – besides, of course, you. We are our own worst critics and seeing our bodies so exposed in a bikini can be hard for some people. So if you’re feeling self-conscious about the way your body looks, here are some ways that can make sure you look great to anyone looking in your direction.

Practice poses



We’ve seen a million photos of people posing two different ways to make their bodies look entirely different both in photos and in real life. That is basically the same thing you’re trying to achieve here. Find a large mirror and practice different poses sitting, standing, laying down… You’ll eventually get to the point where you’re satisfied with the way your body looks or you’ll simply get comfortable looking at your body and existing in it as it is. Some things you can do is pop your hip out, keep your arms away from your body and wear some wedges to elongate your legs.

Get your tan on

Everyone looks better with a bit of a tan on. Not only are you glowing and look healthier, but you are also minimizing the appearance of any shadows on your body. Before you hit the beach, try to get some spray tan or put on a self-tanning cream to look like you’ve seen some sun. Alternatively – go get some sun! Spend 15 minutes per day on your balcony, in your garden or just in a sunny spot in your room getting some sunlight to give yourself a little tan before you get in the bikini and go to the beach.

Wear the right swimsuit

poolThe clothes we wear are the number one factor in how our bodies look, and even though swimsuits have very little material to them, they can still change our bodies. It’s important to remember that more fabric doesn’t mean that you will look better, so don’t default to one-pieces when you’re feeling insecure. In fact, a strategically-cut bikini could be the perfect thing for your body and you should be proud to put it on. Don’t be scared to splurge on luxury swimwear if it’s the right cut for your body, because you will most certainly get all the use out of it, and the better you feel at the beach – the more fun you will have. Think about what shape of everyday clothing makes you look best, and go with the same principles for your swimsuit.

Beware of bloating

When we get bloated, we can feel really drowsy and not really up for anything. This is why you should try to avoid any foods that can cause bloating before going to the beach and while you’re there. It’s perfectly normal for your stomach to stretch and get a bit bigger after you eat, but when you’re on the beach, you really want to stick to fresh foods that will give you a lot of energy without making you feel like you’re going on 50% capacity because of lethargy.


accesorizeJust like with any clothing, putting the right accessories on will draw the eye to wherever you want it to go. Don’t want people looking at your mid-section? Put on a hat! Want the attention on your chest? A long beaded necklace is the way to go. However, the same rules still apply even though you have less on: don’t overdo it. Don’t put on a hat and sunglasses and a necklace and bracelets… Choose one or two key things that you want to represent your look and really make them stand out. It will help you not only feel more confident but look like a real fashionista while you’re doing it.

At the beach, our main priority should be having fun, soaking up some sun and spending time with the people we care about. Therefore, doing these tricks and preparing yourself for the beach will only free up your mental space and stop you from constantly worrying about what people are thinking. Just be yourself in all of your gorgeous glory, and everyone else will see you through your eyes.

Brigitte Evans

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