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The Natural Look Is In-Here’s How to Achieve It

The natural look is definitely in style again, and we have very high hopes it will overcome the horrible Instagram makeup trends that promote sharp brows, over-lined lips and porcelain doll faces. Fortunately, there are still makeup artists and celebrities who put skincare first as they daily routine, rather than just covering their face with tons of makeup. Here’s a list on how you can achieve the natural and radiant look, that will emphasize your natural beauty.

Try not to use too much liner



While every girl likes the dramatic cat eye effect, it definitely isn’t something that is considered as your daily makeup. If you want to intensify the bottom of your lash line, then take a black or brown crayon and draw little dots between the lashes. It will make your lash line thicker, and it’s a great natural trick to avoid the heavy eyeliner.

Say cheese!



Clearly, makeup has the ability to point out every single flaw on our face, so it’s important to take care of your skin first. Having impeccable skin is more important than a cakey face, and makeup looks so much better when your skin is regularly moisturized and exfoliated. Taking care of our oral health is equally important because all the makeup products are worthless if we don’t have a pretty smile. In Sydney, for instance, many women go to the dentist in Bondi junction in order to undergo a dental implants procedure that will help them get new and improved teeth that are just as good as the natural ones. A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear, so why not give it a try?

Love me some lashes!

Mascara isn’t an option, it’s an obligation. We’ve seen different tutorials on youtube, and almost none of them went without an eyelash curler. This is something you do before applying mascara, and it will make your eyes pop big time. You don’t have to be a makeup pro to do this, so just follow these simple steps. While curling your lashes, lift your head up a little to make your lashes angular. Then, grab the lashes with a curler, and squeeze them. Hold it down for 10 seconds, and you are ready to put on mascara and wink to the haters.

Neutral eyeshadows

When in doubt, go nude. Neutral eyeshadows are a great choice for the day, and you won’t look too dramatic. Stick to the colors that are two or three shades darker than your skin color, and you could slightly highlight your inner eye corners with a little bit of a highlighter, just to appear fresher.

‘Cause my lipgloss is poppin’


lip gloss

If you want to avoid chapped and dry lips, then stop using matte liquid lipsticks. Always apply a hydrating lip balm before putting any product on your mouth. Peachy and soft pink should be your go-to colors, as they will naturally enhance your lip pigment. Or, you could draw your lips with a nude eyeliner and apply some non-sticky sheer lipgloss.

For the perfect laid back waves..



You can easily achieve the natural, beach hair look without even having to hire a professional hair stylist. After you have washed your hair, put some oil in your ends only, avoiding the roots getting greasy. Dry your hair and brush it again and you’ll see how your hair got all soft and is ready to be styled. If your hair appears fluffy, then straighten it a little bit with a flat iron. Next, curl your hair with a hot wand and break your curls using fingers for the more natural look. Finally, use the texturizing hairspray and you are done. After a day, your hair will look even more undone and effortless, which is even more natural.

Messy brows are having a moment



Just because Rihanna appeared with her ultra-thin brows on September issue of Vogue, this doesn’t mean we should follow every single trend this bad gal imposes. Forget about plucking your brows every three days, ’cause bushy brow trend is here, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Brush your brows with a gel to add thickness and extra texture. Natural brows are way better than Instagram styled sharply defined brows, and it will make you look subtler and classier.

If you take any of these things into account, you have reassured your natural beauty status, and maybe you could encourage others to accept the same attitude.

Brigitte Evans


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