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The Best Hairstyles for Travelling

With everything booked, packed, and arranged to go, the preparations for your trip are almost done. You know you can easily rock an athleisure look and be both comfy and stylish as you travel, but there’s just one thing that’s bugging you – what on earth do you do with your hair? Unless you were blessed with a luscious mane of hair that stays in place regardless of what you’re doing, chances are that you’re going to end up with a crazy bird’s nest on top of your head by the time you arrive at your destination. Hardly ideal if you plan to take pictures, and it can also put a damper on your mood to show up anywhere looking like you almost drowned. So, how do you wrestle your hair into something that’s comfortable and easy to wear but still manages to be really cute? We’ve got a few suggestions!

Half-up knot

This is a great low-maintenance style that’s very easy to touch up when you need it. Simply part your hair in two and lift the upper part up. Twist it until it forms a little bun and then either pin it in place or use an elastic to secure it. Make sure that your little knot is high on your head and leave the rest of your hair loose and messy. This is a style that’s great for long trips where you just want to pull the hair away from your face but still want to look modern. It’s good for curly or textured hair, but if you’ve got thin, straight hair you might want to tease the top part a bit before pulling into a bun just to get some nice volume.

Sultry, messy bun

It’s messy, but it’s intentionally messy so that makes all the difference! A great style for travel and it has a few variations to it. You can use a sock bun if you want it to be more polished, but we recommend simply lifting your hair up into a very high ponytail, dividing it into two sections, and then twisting them around each other. Once you’re done, twist everything around your hair tie and secure your bun with another elastic. Stick in a few bobby pins to make it more secure, and then start pulling out random hair strands to let them frame your face. The best thing about this? The fact that it gets messier through the day only makes it better.

Double bun

How to make that messy bun even better? Make two of them! This style is great for high schoolers and college students who are travelling with the class because it looks downright adorable in pictures and it can complement a travel outfit well. If you’re preparing for your schoolies in 2019, then this can definitely be your go-to travel option because it’s casual. It’s easy to make, but it still looks fashionable and happens to be very much on trend at the moment. If you need volume make sure to tease your hair first, and then part it in two and lift both parts up high on your hair. Leave your fringe loose or pull out a couple of strands to frame your face.

Knotted headscarf

Headscarves always look very polished, and if you want to look done-up and elegant for your trip then lifting your hair up into a chignon or other kind of bun and using a headscarf to style it up can be a great option. Make sure the scarf matches your outfit and secure it in place with pins. It will be a surprisingly sturdy style that won’t require too much fuss.


Traditional, but fairly travel-proof – braids of all kinds are great if you just want your hair out of your face and don’t want to bother touching it up. A tight French braid will keep everything in place and look very sleek and stylish, but if you’re a woman of color you have even more options when it comes to braiding your hair and rocking the look on your vacation.


Your trip is really not the time to be worrying about hair all that much, so why not try out all these styles in advance and see which one appeals to you the most? You can switch between them or pick one to stick to. Enjoy experimenting and finding your perfect style!

Brigitte Evans

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