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How to: Instagram-Worthy Pics

People call it shallow, but Instagram is actually a very powerful social media tool that a lot of people use to promote their business, influence others, or just to create a portfolio of memorable photos that they can enjoy browsing to their heart’s content. We see celebrities overtaking it with some amazing pics that pretty much look like they were shot by professional photographers, while we struggle to get our selfie to turn out decent. So much effort involved, and yet so little reward. Well, it’s time to change that. Want to know how to take great photos that you’ll be proud to show off? We’ve got some great tips for you.

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Build an image

Anyone can make a great photo with some effort, but what’s the thing that will make people keep coming back to your profile specifically? Your own unique aesthetics. Try to build your own brand, to take what makes you special and translate it to your photos. Snap pictures of the things you love deeply, of everything that interests you, and have your own signature pose, or a makeup look, or photo composition.

Use natural lighting

Natural lighting can give this beautiful glow to photos, and it’s generally better than artificial light. Of course, you won’t always have access to it, so don’t be afraid to edit and add filters to make the picture brighter, to make it pop better.


Rock a cool hairstyle

Nothing cuter than a great new hairstyle, so show it off by taking a bunch of selfies. Generally, hair-focused photos are really well received, so if you have a cool new Mohawk, or maybe you’ve just visited your colorist, use it to its full advantage. Show off your big, natural curls, and take poses where you smirk slightly, give a sassy pose, and show of a cute outfit. Just imagine yourself in a leather jacket, a pair of ankle booties, and a sexy little red dress, looking hot as hell.


Family photos

Another really popular thing is family photos, because come on, babies and children are really cute. Who can resist those smiles and tiny hands? Make sweet memories and keep them simple. Put your newborns in those pretty swaddle wraps, hug them close, and let the love show in your gentle gaze. Simple backdrops are encouraged because you want the family to be the focus, and you don’t need anything to detract from the raw emotion of the photo.

Watch out for what’s trending

Hashtags are there for a reason, and you should totally use them. We don’t mean chasing trends blindly, but paying attention to them and modifying them to suit your style. Take them and make them your own and everyone will love the result and the creativity behind it.


Up your fashion game

Fall fashion trends are really cool this year, so why not refresh your wardrobe with some over-the-knee booties and rock them in a cool photo? Trench coats, power red, plaid, there are so many beautiful stylish things to wear, and a good sense of style is very valued in the Instagram world. If you know and like fashion, always use that to your advantage.


Embrace simplicity

An overwhelming abundance of details only makes the photo confusing to look at. Elegance lies in simplicity, and you want to make sure the eye is drawn to one thing only. Gorgeous backgrounds such as the setting sun are a great idea, especially if you wear a sunset makeup look that matches the colors right behind you. A basic white wall is also an incredibly good background, especially if your profile is all about outfits and makeup looks.

Photography can be only a pastime that you occasionally enjoy, or it can be a full-on business that brings you followers and gives you influence. Approach it with a light heart and allow your imagination to shine through in any case because there’s nothing like a good candid photo to impress people and get you a bunch of likes.

Brigitte Evans


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