Think Before You Ink

Over the course of the last several decades, tattoos have changed significantly. They are no longer seen as taboos and people who have them are no longer seen as dangerous outlaws. As people started tattooing on impulse, it has become common seeing a tattooed police officer, judge, doctor, banker, and even a presidential candidate with visible tattoos. Still, just because they are so popular and currently trending, it doesn’t mean that you should get one without thinking.

The ‘this looks pretty’ tattoo

girl tattoos We all go through different phases and our mindsets change over time, but it’s easy to forget that just because you like something today, it doesn’t mean that you’ll like it in a year, five, or ten. Tattoos of fairies, your zodiac sign, Chinese letters, or tribal designs may seem deep and powerful at the moment, but times change, and after a while, you may discover that your tattoo isn’t something you feel connected to anymore. Just try to keep in mind that tattoos which are popular at one time are the ones which will be pretty popular to have removed in a few years.

Pick the spot

doubleWhile tattoos are now common and not frowned upon as they used to be, there are still some tattoos that make people look at you twice and can even cost you a job. Face and hand tattoos are one of them, and they are the ones that most commonly hinder people from getting the job they want. What is more, face tattoos are often a sign of a gang membership, and after a few years, you might wish that you’ve left all that behind you. Keep in mind that these tattoos are very difficult to remove and cover up, so think twice before you decide to get one of those.


smileMicroblading, also known as permanent makeup, is a form of tattooing used to mimic hair, and it has become incredibly popular in past years. And while ladies are mostly tattooing their eyebrows in attempts to get the shape and fullness they like, men, on the other hand, are tattooing hair onto their receding hairlines. While it’s easier for men – they just transform their receding hairline or a bald head into a buzz-cut, ladies have to think of a few things before committing to microblading. Our eyebrows change over time, as do the trends, and just because full, thick eyebrows are popular today, it doesn’t mean they will be popular in the years to come, so you might want to re-think that decision to get any truly permanent makeup done on your face.

The cost of regret

In western cultures where tattoos are so common that people stopped paying attention to them, people rarely take time to think the decision through and rush to the nearest tattoo studio. As a result, tattoo removal has become an industry as well. Over the course of ten years (2005-2015), the number of tattoo removal treatments has grown by 440% in the US alone. It’s no wonder that today you have a number of practices that provide tattoo removal in Sydney, Miami, Los Angeles, and Toronto. For those who aren’t ready for laser, there is always the option to cover-up your current tattoo with another one or use makeup to ‘hide’ it.

We are all different, and just as we have different reasons for getting tattoos done in the first place, we also have different reasons to want them removed. If you don’t want to contemplate surgical or laser removal of your tattoo in a few years, you shouldn’t make any rash decisions and end up regretting the consequences later. Before you head off to a nearby tattoo studio, give yourself time to change your mind about the design, size and place of your tattoo; it will mean a lot in the years to come.

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