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How Allergies Can Meddle in Our Beauty

Nobody wants to wake up in the morning and think “I have to put on so much makeup to cover up all of the imperfections.” And the truth we all know is that there is nothing wrong with imperfections on the skin. Most images you see in the media are photoshopped to look perfect, making us think that we need to look like that every day. But still, some beauty problems can actually be physical problems too, like red skin being also itchy or burning. And sometimes, these problems have a secret enemy behind them: allergies. Different things around us can trigger different allergic responses, most of which aren’t exactly pretty. So let’s see whether there is some truth behind allergies busting up your beauty routine.

Product ingredients

If you are experiencing redness on your skin, itching, dryness or any other discomfort, it might not be the best idea to instantly reach for more product, because that might be the thing causing the problem. People can have allergic reactions to so many things, and sometimes it can be an allergy to a specific chemical that is used in beauty products. To be sure whether or not the product is the root of the problem, you can take your product to your doctor and have them run a test, or you can test it out yourself, by omitting one product at a time and trying to catch a difference in the quality of your skin. If you’re having trouble telling, you might be allergic to multiple products, and you should stop using all of them, and test them out slowly one by one.

Seasonal allergies


There isn’t anything in the spring beauty books about sniffling, puffy-eyed women and how to overcome that. But as so many people have seasonal allergies, there have been heaps of hacks developed to help. Firstly, you need to stop touching your eyes. Yes, they are itchy, but rubbing them only makes it worse. Secondly, you need to take good care of the skin around your nose, because if you are sniffling and blowing your nose often, that area is going to get tender and will need special care. If allergies are in peak season, try to rid the space around you from as much allergens as you can. Start by finding the best air purifier for mold and other allergy-inducing sources, in order to maintain the space around as clean as possible. You should also try to avoid being outside when it’s windy or in the morning when your allergies will be at their worse. When it comes to makeup, you might be tempted to cover up your dark circles and red nose, but the fact is that the product you are using might give you the opposite result. Avoid applying makeup to any irritated areas, unless you are 100% sure it’s natural, organic and that you aren’t allergic to anything in it.



If you notice that your skin is really dry, even when there is no logical reason for it to be – it might be coming from the inside. Dry skin can be a sign of mild eczema. It’s not the end of the world and your skin isn’t going to shed off just because it’s dry. What you want to do is take some extra precaution with your product, only using those explicitly stated to be hypoallergenic. When showering, don’t go for too hot, because it can hurt your skin. Luke-warm is perfect. And if you are shedding more skin than an average person, make sure you are always wearing clean clothes and changing your bed sheets frequently, to prevent any buildup. If you think you might not have eczema, but something else is wrong with your skin, you should visit a doctor to get their professional opinion.


In the end, makeup is supposed to make us look and feel more beautiful, but if it is having the opposite effect – if it’s harming our skin and making us uncomfortable, then it’s time to make some changes. Make sure to consult a professional, both when getting medical tips, and when selecting hypoallergenic makeup. Keep your skin healthy, and it will look good perfectly natural – no additives needed.

Brigitte Evans


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