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How to Pull Off an Instagram-Worthy Look

Whether we want to admit it or not, social networks play a huge role in our lives. Instagram is one of the networks that grew the most over the last couple of years, and for good reason: it allows us to capture our lives in a series of perfect photos, but also to catch a glimpse of lives of others. Instagram influencers have been dictating trends for a while now, and we’ll help you pull off similar looks.

Pastel hair

pastel hair

When you think about it – did pastel hair ever lose its appeal? It seems like pastel locks are constantly on our feeds, but hairdressers are finding new and innovative ways to achieve that perfect look. Rainbow hues are always a good idea, especially when you combine them with black and white clothes and glittery makeup, but there’s a hot new way to achieve the look. A husband and wife from Missouri started dyeing their clients’ hair using water guns and the results are so mesmerizingly beautiful that people all over the world are using the technique too. By getting your hair dyed this way, not only will you to get the almost surreal transition between different hues but you can also wear as many colors on your hair as you could possibly want.

Dark denim

This year, we’re all going crazy about denim, but none as much as the dapper New York Instagram star Adam Gallagher, whose photos have circled the world. He is known for his love of vintage style: from the wild hair of the rock’n’roll stars of the ‘50s to striped shirts that evoke the ‘70s. Still, his denim outfits are all the rage and the best thing is that you can recreate them with ease: dark denim jeans and leather jacket, washed-out denim paired with plain white tees, and rolled up jeans that show a pair of crazy socks. Men and women alike can pull off these outfits, and when you take a picture against a brightly colored wall, you’ll look like an Instagram star yourself.

All eyes on my shoes


When you spend your time on social media, you can’t help but notice that certain items and looks have become trends, especially when you repeatedly see posts featuring them. This is why you should start paying special attention to your footwear: sneakers, sandals, and, surprisingly, slippers have flooded our feeds. Pink and grey Adidas, black Jordan shoes, skater style Vans, suede Pumas, and good old Converse’s All Stars can be seen everywhere. If you’re hoping to pull off an Instagram-worthy look, make sure your shoes are squeaky clean and that they draw attention either with their design or color.

Sunglasses in focus

Last summer, we couldn’t escape ‘barely there’ sunglasses that didn’t offer much protection, but when Bella Hadid and Rihanna wore them, the world followed. This summer tells a different story: metal frames and clip-on sunglasses have made a comeback. Retro styles take an important place in today’s high fashion, and slim lines and lightweight feel of metal frames are particularly appealing to men. Ladies, on the other hand, fell in love with heart-shaped sunnies that give you the look of an adorable emoji. Put on a pair of sunglasses, get a good spot, and snap a photo for your ‘gram.



If you’re not sure whether your outfit is Instagram-worthy, you can always improvise and snap a photo in an unusual location. Today, you can find plenty of posts that feature professional models who are rocking great outfits and even better hairstyles in typically mundane places. Think parking lots in front of fast food restaurants, bodegas, diners, and even newsstands. These photos look spontaneous and endearing because they are taken in familiar places. What is more, no matter what you’re wearing: jeans and a tee, frilly summer dress, or leather, the outfit really stand out.

Becoming an Instagram sensation and a famous influencer is a dream that many have, but not everyone will achieve. What’s important to remember is that Instagram is here for fun, and as long as you enjoy creating and posting great photos there, you’re using it the right way. Instagram-worthy looks are great for photoshoots and having fun, but staying true to yourself is more important.

Brigitte Evans

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